Skärmavbild 2016-04-28 kl. 21.37.55

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#racerubber for you who want to avoid sudden and accidental stops. See demonstration above. #släpintheface


Does your sled even wheelie bro? Who’s got the best caption 😁 Team rider: @powsledder #släpintheface #teamsläpintheface


A rare photo of a snowmobiler [snåmobajler] Spotted in its natural habitat. This exact example we have chosen to call @kristerbrun Some facts about the snowmobiler: -Lives in the mountains. Preferably in shrubbery areas. Research suggests that the biggest chance of seeing them, is to follow the weather forecast and go where the “dump” went that week. Steep locations seems to attract them. -Eats, mostly Gulasch, sandwiches or easy to prepair kind of food. -Lives in groups of about 2-8. More has been seen on occasions, on hard packed trails. But not besides there self made ”roads” -Mating period between April and October. #nationalgeographic #snowmobiler