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Släp in the Face

Släp in the Face started as a rental business, renting trailers. Soon the passion for snowmobiles took over and the company started selling aftermarket snowmobile parts as a dealer via webshop and our inventory. At the end of the season 2017/18 we decided to take the next step by becomming  a distributer, selling products via dealers around Sweden, Norway and Finland. 

We don't see Släp in the Face the same way we look at other distributers. We are a newcomber, who is looking forward to prove ourselves for the dealers as well as their customers. We want to bring value to our customer and their customers by offering the latest and hottest products available out there. We listen to what you as a end user are looking for, and we bring it to your closest dealer. 

We have a lot of exiting news coming up, so Stay Tuned for more information!

//Team Släp in the Face